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Freight Analysis

Freight Analysis

Is Sub-optimized Freight Negatively Impacting Your Cross-Border Moves?

If you aren’t running a fully optimized transportation network, you could be opening your organization up to unnecessary risk. Supply chain managers who take the time to eliminate sub-optimized freight from their networks today will be in a better place when trucking capacity inevitably becomes scarce.

What Is Sub-optimized Freight?

Sub-optimized freight is an over-the-road freight move that has an intermodal alternative. Moving freight over-the-road when it should be moving via intermodal rail can negatively impact a transportation network. Some of the negative impacts of sub-optimized freight are:

On average, 96% of shippers have sub-optimized freight hidden in their networks.

Optimized Freight Moving between Montreal and the U.S.

The Highway to Rail (H2R) freight optimizer tool offers an in-depth, confidential analysis of your freight network allowing you to isolate sub-optimized lanes that would benefit from converting to intermodal rail. By supplying your origin and destination points, freight type and volume, the H2R Optimizer identifies your most attractive North American highway to intermodal rail conversion opportunities.

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