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About Intermodal

About Intermodal

What Is Intermodal Transportation?

Intermodal transportation, or multi-modal transportation, is the use of two or more modes of transportation in the shipment of freight. Goods are transported through a mix of truck, rail and/or container ships allowing shippers to leverage the strength of each mode in order to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and mitigate risk.

Why Intermodal Rail?

Intermodal rail merges the economic and environmental benefits of rail with the flexibility of trucking. The first and final mile is nearly the same for a shipper or receiver. The freight is still picked up and dropped off by a truck. The long-haul portion of the move is simply moved via rail in order to leverage the efficiencies and cost savings of rail. 

What Are the Benefits of Intermodal Rail?


Intermodal or multi-modal transportation gives shippers a scalable capacity source that can flex based on demand. Shippers gain access to a growing fleet of rail and carrier provided containers, easing capacity year-round.


A single double-stacked intermodal train can move the equivalent of 280 trucks, which lowers fuel consumption and carbon emissions. As consumers increasingly demand and expect sustainable practices, brands with a demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability have grown more than 4% globally, while those without grew less than 1%.   


Shippers can realize an initial cost savings of 15% or more when they convert freight from the highway to intermodal rail. Increased productivity, risk mitigation and streamlined efficiencies provide long-term cost saving benefits.


Integrate a reliable transportation solution that provides relief from truckload challenges including constrained driver pools, highway congestion and regulatory changes.


Is Intermodal Rail Right For My Freight?

If you are currently moving freight at least 800 km or 500 miles between Montreal and the U.S., you likely have an intermodal conversion opportunity that would be of value to your company. In fact, 96% of shippers are not deploying or are under-utilizing intermodal, adding unnecessary cost and capacity exposure to their logistics.

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